Tree Invetigation


This week in maths year 6 had to think of a research question to investigate, collect their data, and then present it appropriately. Check out their work below:

animoto 360p (6) from Year4 on Vimeo.


Welcome to BVS Year Six


What an amazing start to Year Six so far! The pupils have been on a challenging quest; dressing up as mythical heroes or beasts; creating astonishing artwork; creating fantastic presentations – all in the name of Myths and Legends!

Our focus until half term is the study of Myths and Legends from around the world and also those from our home country. We have studied ancient historical societies and have explored artwork from those times. Sounds busy? We’ve got so much more to come – watch this space.

Over and out,

Mrs Hazell, Year Six Teacher @ Brawell Village School

The end of the year…


So we have come to the end of our year in year 4, we have had lots of fun (some of which can be seen on this blog) and have many memories to share with you!

If you find yourself with some extra time over the summer holidays, feel free to share any projects you might do (this could be a presentation on a topic, finding out about a place you’re going to visit on holiday or working on something we’ve looked at this year). If you read a good book over the holidays you could also tell us about that!

Don’t forget if you’re looking for some maths challenges you can look at the puzzle 7 blog here: Remember to use the levels of difficult on the side to choose questions that are not too tricky!

You could also use the very interesting BrainPOP website

  • Can you become experts and tell me all about a topic? I’d love to know.
  • Can you show me everything you have learned through looking on the BrainPOP site – perhaps you could use photographs to show me all the different things.
  • Share your summer adventures with me.
  • Write your own BrainPOP script on a topic, if you have the equipment you might try and make your own!